Sandakphu Trek

Darjeeling the world over acclaimed as one of the exceptional hill accommodations is likewise a veritable paradise for trekkers and adventure seekers. Trekking in Darjeeling is an revel in which no lover of nature ought to leave out. It takes one to locations in which nature is but in her premival majesty. It brings one face to face with the chic grandeur of the Himalayas.

The location abounds in rhododendrons,magnolias,primulas,orchids and ferns of several varieties. About 600 one of a kind species of birds inhabit the emerald green forests at the slopes of the mountains. The subsequent is a short description of a number of the maximum popular and maximum profitable treks in the location sandakphu.

Route No – 1(a)

This trek is possibly one of the satisfactory and really the most popular of all of the treks in Darjeeling for those having a restrained time at their disposal. It offers the travelers an top notch view of the Kanchenjunga and the Everest institution of mountain peaks in Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan.

It is really useful to start the trek early in the day and to cover their distance from Darjeeling to Maneybhanjyang Approximately 26 km. with the aid of jeep/buses. One can also cross up-to Sukhiapokhri.

Halfway from Darjeeling given that transport thus far is without difficulty available and from right here to Maneybhanjyang either through jeep/buses or one can even trek from right here to Maneybhanjyang(four km). The power from Darjeeling to Sukhiapokhri is about one hour and from there to Maneybhanjyang some other 1/2 an hour.

Maneybhanjyang to Tonglu is a steep climb up to Meghma 7 km or 3.5 hrs. stroll. There is a small tea residence in which tea and snacks are available at reasonable price(if important, accommodation is also to be had at Meghma Tea house). Meghma is a small hamlet with few homes & small Monastery & stunning Chorten(stupa). Meghma to Tonglu is another 2 kms.

Route of Sandakphu

Tonglu or the local call Tumling is 3070 mt. excessive and is one in every of peaks of Singalila range, falls at the West of Darjeeling town. On a clean day it is easy to get a excellent view of the Nepalese valleys and of the plains of North Bengal with the snow fed Teesta at the east, the Koshi on the West and a number of smaller rivers between them. There is a Trekkers Hut at Tonglu.

Day after today’s march from Tonglu to Gairibas 2621 mt. Is downhill. The gap is nine km and It’s far 2 hrs. stroll. The Course passes via the bamboo glades. Gairibas to Kalipokhri 3170 mt. Is continuous climb via the rhododendron woodland. Distance is 6 km and it takes three hrs. walk from Gairibas. Trekkers may also prevent right here for a while for a tea wreck. There’s a small pond at Kalipokhri which means that ‘Blackpond’.

The colour of the water is black and muddy and it never freezes. From Kalipokhri the street descends to Bikhaybhanjyang-valley of poison-(Aconites grow in abundance at this place). Bikhaybhanjyang to Sandakphu is a steep climb of 4 kms. And takes extra than an hour to cover this trek. Accommodation is likewise available at Bikhaybhanjyang and Gairibas. There is a trekkers hut at Gairibas.

Sandakphu 3636 mtr. Is fifty eight km. From Darjeeling and instructions one of the most extraordinary views. in the foreground is a exquisite basin set inside the midst of the hills, the slopes blanketed with rhododendrons and silver fir bushes. inside the background is non-stop barrier of snowy mountains, the most distinguished of which is Kanchenjunga-28156 feet. 8598 mts. Towering up in gigantic peak and breadth with its attendant peaks Kabru 7338 mts. 24,026 feet, Jano (Kumbhakarna) 7710 mts. 25,294 toes. And Pandim 6691 mts. 22,010 toes. Clustering closely round it.

Kabru is foreshortened and does now not present the same graceful outline above the spectacle with its lofty height standing up like a notable icy horn. Some distance off to the west at a distance of one hundred sixty km. among-st a collection of different snowy mountain rising from graceful peaks of Everest institution can be visible,at the back of the crest of Mt. Makalu, which seems like a super armed chair of snow; and further to the west closer to Nepal, There is a awesome rectangular mass of mountain searching like a wall of snow Chamlang 7317m-24006 ft.

The comparison between Everest and Kanchenjunga may be very marked. Kanchenjunga is incredible for its imposing bulk and huge proportions while Everest soaring above a chain of valleys and its ridges, is more swish and majestic. The gap between the two is occupied by using snowy degrees.

Three Sisters which cluster collectively if you appearance toward east past Kanchenjunga you’ll see Narsing and then the Dongkya and Chola tiers of the Tibetan frontier with Chumalhari lifting up to its heads within the rear. The whole snowy degrees of Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal About 320 kms in duration; is seen, however the panoroma is completely dominated by using the Kanchenjunga and Everest group.

Kanchenjunga-correctly spelt is Kanchenjunga is the third maximum mountain in the global way “Five Treasures of the incredible Snow” and is a dad or mum deity of the Sikkimese.

From the center of April til 1st week of June this location blushes with rhododendron bloom and spread with carpet of lovely primula and other alpine flora. Trekkers can stay at the Trekkers Hut in Sandakphu.

The return march to Maneybhanjyang may be executed both in an afternoon or two breaking journey both at Gairibas or Tonglu, relying on the bodily circumstance of the Trekkers and the time at his disposal. If the primary opportunity is selected, the journey have to begin today’s by way of 7 a.m. It takes About 8 hours of continuous march to Maneybhanjyang.

Rhododendron Flower

Route No – 1(b)

Upto Sandakphu is in route no – 1(a)

If the trekkers have sufficient time next day they are able to march similarly closer to Phalut 3600 mts. It is one of the loftiest peak inside the Singalila range is located eighty km. North West of Darjeeling city. The name Phalut is a corruption of the Lepcha word Falut or the peeled summit and appellation derived from the bare treeless slopes, which give a extremely good evaluation to the woodland clad tiers below. The peak is also called Phalilung through the local people.

The stretch from Sandakphu to Phalut is the maximum surprising of the trek. The burned silver-fir wooded area makes most stunning sight one will ever left come across. After strolling for a little while the trekker might be observed by way of the Everest institution on the left and Kanchenjunga variety right beforehand.

A stroll of Approximately 4.5 hrs. From Sandakphu the trekker will encounter a stone residence with blown of roof on the top of a small ridge. The vicinity is called Sabarkum and is 14 km. From Sandakphu. An opportunity place of stay is MOLLEY Trekkers Hut Approximately 2 K.M. From Sabarkum, for people who do not need to stroll to Phalut the equal day. Maintaining the ridge on the left observe the trail north ward. After Approximately an hour the path starts offevolved to climb thru a sequence of zigzag until one reaches Trekkers’ Hut. From right here Phalut summit is ready 20 minutes stroll.

A magnificent view of snowy range is received from the summit which is also junction of Sikkim, West Bengal and Nepal. The overall landscape is equal as visible from Sandakphu except that Kanchenjunga levels appears a great deal large and closer. It’s far simplest forty eight km. Away because the crow flies. The trekkers will also be aware on the foreground Singalila variety jutting out of Kanchenjunga top. There’s a Trekkers Hut at Phalut. Trekkers can camp at Molley 1,811 mts. Phalut is 1.5 hours walk from this point.

Darjeeling-Maneybhanjyang-Gairibas-Sandakphu-Phalut-Rammam-Rimbick one hundred thirty km(6 days) up-to Phalut as in Route – 1(a). From Phalut to Rammam threw are two routes i) thru Sabarkam ii) via Gorkhey-Samandin.

Route No – 2(a)

To absorb this Path, retrace again to Sabarkum and turn left of their roofless homes. This path passes thru the virgin wooded area which is steep down-hill to Rammam. This takes About 5 hrs. walk and 16 k.m In distance. From Phalut, the proper hand path cause Srikhola and climbs up to Daragaon and again descends to Rimbick. It takes About eight hrs. walk and 25 K.M. In distance from Phalut.

Observe : Do now not challenge this path all through winter i.E. November and March because it gets darkish by using 4 p.M. And can be difficult to find the way.

Route No – 2(b)

From Phalut the path descends the ridge through the virgin forests of chestnut, pines, hemlock etc. until the path reaches the assembly of streams known as Gorkhey Khola which is a tributary of Rammam river. It is a stunning place.

Trekkers can experience the bathtub inside the river after the annoying trek starts to climb up-to Samandian-a cute plateau and It’s far a small woodland village. From Samandin the road descends to a small move and once more climbs up for every other 1.five hrs. To Rammam Trekkers hut. This is About 5 hours stroll or 15 km. In distance from Phalut.

From Rammam the street is almost stage stroll for Approximately first nine km. And again it descends to Srikhola. the street rises steep, for Approximately 1 k.M. in which it levels out again until it reaches Rimbick. There’s a small bazaar at Rimbick. In case the Trekkers choice to return to Darjeeling by means of bus next day, It is advisable to stay at Rimbick bazaar.

Darjeeling-Rimbick-Sandakphu and again 123 kms. 4 days.

From Darjeeling to Rimbick everyday buses are to be had round 12.30 p.M. It’s far About five hrs. pressure and 54 km. From Darjeeling.

Route No – 3(a)

Darjeeling to Rimbick normal buses and jeeps are available around 7 and 12 midday-12.30 p.m. It’s miles Approximately 5 hrs. force and 54 k.m From Darjeeling.

subsequent day’s march, is non-stop climb via the wooded area of firs, chestnut, hemlock in addition to rhododendron. at some point of April, may the whole slops blazes with specific shade of rhododendron. you may take a look at one-of-a-kind sorts of birds in this location. The path is non-stop steep climb of 6 hrs. until you hit the main road to Sandakphu i.E. One kilometer ahead of Kalipokhari and then to Bikhaybhanjang to Sandakphu. return experience can be finished via Gairibas, Maneybhanjyang or same Course returned to Rimbick and to Darjeeling.

Route of Sandakphu
kalapokhri village

Route No – 3(b)

Darjeeling-Tonglu or Gairibas-Sandakphu-Srikhola through Gurdum to Rimbick.

Sandakphu-Gurdum is ready three.five hrs. walk and Gurdum to Srikhola is set 1 hr. walk. At Gurdum, that’s well worth spending a day, There is a private lodging and at Srikhola There’s Trekkers Hut. Srikhola to Rimbick is 2 hrs. stroll while Gurdum to Rimbick is ready four hrs. walk.

Darjeeling-Tiger Hill and back 26 k.m. at some point trek.

There are two taking walks routes from the metropolis.

(i) Tenzing Norgay road starts offevolved from Chowrasta and passes thru Toong-Soong and Aloo-Bari villages. the street is almost level and There may be no vehicular site visitors in this avenue. It meets the Hill Cart avenue at Jorebungalow. From Jore bungalow the road ascended to Tiger-Hill is 5 km.

(ii) Gandhi avenue starts from Planters Membership Motor stand. This street is going almost parallel to Hill Cart avenue and meets the Hill Cart avenue close to Ghoom Railway Station.

Each the routes offer the travelers remarkable view of forests and mountains.

A few beneficial recommendations regarding guidance for trek.


The Trekkers Hut under the control of DGHC Tourism, are available at Sandakphu vicinity. Increase booking may be made thru DDT,DGHC Tourism, Silver Fir, Bhanu Sarani, Darjeeling.

Trekker Hut


During those treks guests will come across extremes of climate. The routes skip through depths of valleys as little as 762 mts. And tops of mountains as excessive as 3640 mts. He will, therefore, have to set up his garb consequently. For treks at lower altitudes It’s miles sufficient to have a mild sweater, blouse and trousers. At better altitude a heavy pullover toppes by a wind-cheater is really useful. Adown jacket may be very beneficial in high altitude. In case the trek is undertaken in iciness-woollen cap and gloves are a must. A muffler may be an introduced advantage. A very good plan is to start the trek in comfy outfit and deliver the extra clothing in ruck sack, taking them out as and when necessary.


It’s been observed that the most not unusual item of criticism are Shoes. In lengthy treks the need of A good, durable, at ease pair of Shoes can infrequently be over emphasised. Such boots as ‘Hunter’ of Bata can be used. It’s miles beneficial to put on the Shoes for A few days prior to the trek. Don’t forget to hold some more pairs of thick socks.


Regardless of what time the trek is undertaken a mild raincoat need to from an critical part of the outfit. This can be folded and placed into the ruck sack whilst no longer in use. climate may be unpredictable, especially in better altitudes.


Even though caretakers of a number of the Trekkers’ Hut offer easy rice and dal at nominal prices, guests ought to convey their very own provisions. It is hard to give extra advice on this situation as tastes range, however extensively speak me the Meals should be which includes may be without difficulty carried and will hold in warmer climate.

Tinned Meals, such as skinless sausages, packet or tin packed soup, cheese, peanut, butter, baked beans etc. can be beneficial. Hard boiled eggs and bread can be taken as an advantage, rice and dal are remarkable items.

these can be cooked effectively at any region. It’s miles vital to carry to packet of salt as That is a rare commodity at the higher altitude. For hot beverages tea or instant espresso, condensed milk and sugar will also be carried. It’s miles cautioned to hold a packet of Glucose powder which assist to present power while on trek.

Rice, dal, eggs, bird, onions and potatoes may be bought enroute at maximum places through they’re possibly to be steeply-priced. There are small tea stores enroute to Sandakphu, at locations like Meghma, Gairibas, Kalpokhri, Gorkhey, Rammam,Srikhola and Rimbick.


It is secure to drink spring water in the excessive altitudes. However It’s miles beneficial to carry water purifying drugs. A few logo names including PINATAB and ZEOLIN 200 are effortlessly to be had on the Chemist shops at Darjeeling. Do convey a water bottle.


Trekking equipments inclusive of sleeping bag rucksack are to be had on rent from adventure Sports Workplace, Lowis Jubilee Complicated, Dr. S.okay. Paul avenue, Darjeeling.

Season for travel

The first-class months to trek in this location are April, may also and October-November. at some stage in April-may additionally there can be occasional showers. but this downside would be absolutely compensated via the beauty of vegetation, specially rhododendrons. Sometimes because of prolonged monsoons, there may be occasional rains throughout the first half of of the month of October. but November is typically dry and visibility is splendid. First half of of December is also exact, though alternatively bloodless; besides that there are occasional snow falls.

Mt.Kanchenjunga – The Sleeping Buddha!

Approximate Temperature at Sandakphu

April-May :

Max. 12 Degree Centrigate

Min. 6 Degree Centrigate

Oct-Nov :

Max. 6 Degree Centrigate

Min. 1 Degree Centrigate


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