Spending time in the shadow of an active volcano is not new for the people of East Bali. Elevated high above the rest of the island, the thick forests of Mount Batur are not packed with tourists like some areas and are perfect to unwind in solitude.

Made of two concentric calderas off the north west of Mount Agung, the volcano has created many of the geographical features in the area. Lake Batur hides the west wall of the inner caldera, which makes the cone of Mount Batur that reaches higher than the outer caldera. The 700-meter tall stratovolcano is built up of many layers of cooled lava, pumice, and volcanic ash. These are known to emit thick lava that hardens before traveling for a long distance because of its viscosity. Noted as a part of the Global Geopark Network by UNESCO in 2012, the volcano had been sporadically active since the first recorded eruption in 1804.

Because it is set at an elevation, the peak of Mount Batur rises 1717 meters above sea level. These mountainous regions are much cooler than the beaches and the uncertain weather makes sweaters and jackets recommended items for a visit. There are plenty of activities for visitors, from trekking to the summit to explore the nearby Kintamani, Tong Bungkah, and the surroundings. A sacred temple on the ridge called Puran Ulun Danau Baturm draws many eyes, and the shores of Lake Batur give the best views of the cone shaped volcano. Some of the island’s best inland fishing spots are found on the lake so try your hand at this activity. Take a spin on a boat around the lake or hire bicycles to get a closer look.

East Bali is a diverse environment that moves from beaches and coconut trees to cool air and green hills. It is an easy trip from the beach-side hotel of Alila Manggis Bali. Traditional Balinese decor gives classic elegance and comfort to this boutique hotel Bali. Use this resort as an entrance to the adventures from the tranquil position in the East. Boutique hotels Bali provide a glimpse into the lives and culture of the people of this enchanting island.


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