holiday tours
Holiday Tours

Travel agencies provide services related to tourism not only for tourists but also for people making business trips. Certain travel agencies are having a department dealing with the traveling needs of the people making business trips. This helps in ensuring that business travel is a good experience. Often people question the need for travel agencies to plan a vacation. The idea of being well aware of any holiday destination and all the activities and tourist sites it offers is what travel agencies support. They offer ideas about places to visit during holidays. Tourism agencies provide agents that in turn, provide tourism services and products for commission on behalf of the actual suppliers for example hotels, car rentals and airlines etc.

Well planned holiday tours with up to date information about the chosen vacation spot is key to ensure the traveler’s satisfaction with the holiday package. Furthermore, travel agencies make sure that all the arrangements are made properly such as hotel bookings, tour operators for sightseeing tours, cruise line booking etc. For example, to plan a tour of China for tourists and business travelers a travel agency would typically book a hotel, book a ticket with the airline mentioned in the holiday brochures offered by the agency amongst other tourism related services.

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Choosing a holiday tour location from brochures or online fails to offer the impartial tourism advice that an agency can impart, with a one on one conversation with the client to answer any queries and concerns the client may have in mind. For instance, if a tourist opts for a tour of China his agent may recommend visiting The Great Wall of China, the Namtso Lake, and the holy Potala Palace etc. China tours meant solely for business purposes also require Up-to-the-minute information about the city being visited to make the best of the business trip as well. Countless travel agencies urge the tourists to visit the breathtaking snow capped Mt. Everest on a tour of China.

Beijing has been a home to tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall of China, pulling thousands for a tour of China. Some travelers come for a holiday break, some come to learn the history behind the majestic locations while, some come for the strong spiritual influence China tours offers.

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Major travel agencies offer travel services and goods at a percentage premium per sale, which allows the travelers to receive their service at cheaper rates while preserving the financial interests of the travel agency hence, by hiring one of the major travel agencies both the customer and the agency profit from it.

They sell thousands of trips at lower commission rates instead of smaller number of trips at higher rates. Also hiring a travel agency to plan a holiday trip is cheaper compared to planning a holiday trip without an agent and engaging in campaigns for travel advertisement. The cost advantages that accompany hiring a travel agency for planning a holiday tour supersede the advantages of the alternate.


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