The city of Firozabad was in Uttar Pradesh in ancient Indian era, but was called firozabad during Akbar reign in 1566 after his mansabdar firoz shah. Akbar sent Firoz Shah to this region to deal with the issues of thugs in this area.The town seemed to be known as chandwar nagar in an ancient Indian period.

It is famous in the whole world for the exclusive glass works. Firozabad’s economy is very much based on manufacturing glass bangles and the beautiful glass products. The city climate is very high in summers and very low in the winters. The highest recorded temperature is 48 degrees C and lowest is -1 degree C. The overall city population, as recorded in the 2001 census, is 2,78,801, which represents 53% male and 47% female.

How to reach here:

By Train: Train travel between all major cities, including delhi, mumbai, lucknow, kanpur, jammu tawi, jamschedpur, patna, agra, tundla, and etawah via train connections Howrah is nice here.

By Road: Along the way to firozabad, almost all major towns of India are linked by road to firozabad because of its proximity to agra. buses and other road transports.

By Air: The nearest major airport to Firozabad is Agra Air Force Station (AGR / VIAG) which is about 45 km from the center of Firozabad. City – transport depends on tangas, rickshaws and three wheelers.

This city is also known for people who participated in “Quit India Movement”, “Khilafat Movement”, “Namak Satyagrah” and other national movements. They were sent to the jails for participating in national movements. The very famed urdu poet from this area, Munir shikohabadi, was condemned also to kala pani by the Eastern indian corporation firozabad in the year 1857.

Firozabad is main center of manufacturing Glasswares in India since 15th century. This town manufactures a huge variety of glass products every year, but mainly its known for bangles production. The huge variety of designs, colors and patterns are manufactured in bangles and these are universally appreciated.

The city has an area called SuhagNagar as it manufactures bangles, kangans, kadas and other things for suhagins, the term is used in Hindus for married women.

There are around 400 industries in Firozabad which are registered for manufacturing glass products and they manufacture different kind of exclusive glass products. Natural gas is used in these industries at the place of coal. The 50% production of these industries is exported to different countries.

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