Suntalekhola Village


Just four kms from Samsing lays Suntalekhola, a recently introduced tourist spot in Dooars. Suntalekhola is truely an offbeat destination within the Himalayan foothills of Dooars in the backdrop of glistering green valleys and blue sky with touch of everlasting splendor.

Trekking from Samsing to Suntalekhola is a adventure near nature. This sinuous waft of mountain streams echoes in each coronary heart.

The tune of rusting leaves and the conceal and are seeking of shadows with the tricking sunrays thru the conifer leaves elevates every soul to a pure and pristine international.

Laying on the south japanese edge of the Neora Valley National Park, Suntalekhola offers a path ends in the left from the first bend of the tar street.

It could be approached from the bungalows and ends at Lava after a three-day trek the trail leads steeply thru thick broadleaved tropical and semi-tropical forests thru Mouchouki, Rechila Pinnacle (4500m), Alubari and Pankhasari Ridge.

The accommodation in both Samsing and Suntalekhola is maintained by means of Woodland Branch of West Bengal and can be booked by way of us. The wilderness motels in Suntalekhola are located amidst the wasteland of nature.

It is no longer very a ways from Samsing suntalekhola. The region is full of fresh air, greenery and apt for a nature lover.The scenic view is out of the sector and needless to say, It may without problems be a perfect holiday vacation spot for a own family.

The Forest dept. visitor house is a super place to stay over there even though the general upkeep of the region desires to be improved.

Local Sightseeing

Suntalekhola is where many travelers stay overnight. The vicinity is ready 4 kilometers in addition up the street from Samsing.

The road ends here near a small movement named Suntale Khola (`Suntaley` = Orange and `Khola` = movement).

There are WBFDC cottages and a bicameral bungalow. You need to walk over a small placing bridge to attain the WBFDC Woodland motel here.



[sociallocker]Next to Suntalekhola is the small picturesque village of Faribasti. The village has about 50 households and could be very properly maintained.

Flower gardens are not unusual in almost all households. Some of the families have commenced homestay for travelers with lively assist from naturebeyond. You can stroll via the village and its paddy land.

Rocky Island

Another attractive visitor spot is the `Rocky island nature motel` at the banks of river Murti. That is approximately 2 km from Samsing. The view of the river and surrounding forests are splendid from Rocky Island but visitor amenities are fundamental. lodging is arranged in small Tents for overnight traffic.

The owners of this small motel are real nature enthusiasts and have thus far resisted any try to commercialise this unique place. Nature beyond is in everyday contact with them and actively aid their endeavour.

River Murti

It’s miles one of the most beautiful rivers of Dooars. The small river flows down from Neora Valley Country wide Park and passes through Samsing and subsequently meets Jaldhaka river close to Gorumara National Park.

The river is small sufficient to crossed on foot at some stage in most of the year except the Monsoon months. At Samsing You can technique River Murti both at Rocky Island or close to the antique Woodland Bungalow.

Suntalekhola lake

Treks Round

Several trek routes originate from SuntaleKhola. The Neora Valley Country wide Park is adjacent to this area and maximum treks are organised inside the surrounding location of the National Park.

Trekkers can take a steep journey to `Tree Fern Factor` and `Mo` or `Mo Chaki` for a incredible view of the Himalayas in one side and the plains of Dooars in the other. The hills of Bhutan and `Jelepla`, the skip connecting Tibet with India, may be visible from here.

The maximum captivating and interesting trek ends in the untouched wasteland of Neora Valley suntalekhola Countrywide Park. Special permission of the Forest Department is needed so one can organise this trek.

where in to live

As you input Samsing, the primary village you reach is Tea Garden labour line. not an awful lot lodging alternatives are available right here. about 4 kms beforehand at Suntalekhola there may be WBFDC (Forest Branch) vacationer cottages which can be arguably the best location to live Around here.

close to Suntalekhola, in and Around faribasti village there are Several homestays which have arise which offer simple however first rate lodging. at the banks of River Murti, at Rocky Island, there are some small Eco-lodges and domestic remains.

Those places also provide basic services however are advantageous specially for corporations interested by light adventure sports. There are rock sites available nearby in addition to River Murti which is a super spot for tender adventure sports.

For in addition information approximately accommodation at Samsing, in addition to reserving the motels, you may touch our help desk by way of filing the question form here.


Getting There

At a distance of 82 km from Siliguri, it takes about three hours to reach suntalekhola Samsing from Siliguri thru the most picturesque panorama. As you input Dooars through the National Highway 31, you will cross Malbazar to reach Chalsa.

From Chalsa take a left flip and pressure on for 15 kms via Meteli to attain Samsing. The previous few kilometres force is a banquet for the eyes as you pass via Some of the maximum picturesque tea gardens of Dooars such as the Chalsa Tea Lawn, Zurantee Tea Garden and Samsing Tea Garden.

The road is particularly narrow however there are few vehicles visiting through this route as the street ends at Samsing.[/sociallocker]


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