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About Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is situated in the center of our country India.Like we know, Madhya Pradesh is one of the biggest states of India.By removing the Narmada and Tapti Riverside, from the water ground level, it is about 16000 feet height rural area in the country. The Bindya and Satpura hills have gone through it. Chambal, Betoya, Sindhu, Narmada, Tapti, Mahanadi andA� Indrabati are the main rivers of Madya Pradesh.

A number of Peoples who has Schedule Caste in Madhya Pradesh is very high. One a��Third part of the whole population is Schedule Caste. The peoples of chuti central in this state are less existable. The peoples from the higher caste in between other higher caste peoples mainly Gold, Vill, Orao, Korken, Kole are High in Position.

According to the State Reinvestment Act (1956), on 1 November 1956, the state of Madhya Pradesh was formed. It consists of 17 Hindi-speaking districts of the former Central India. Sunel area of the Mandasur district of the past is not included in this state alone. The current Madhya Pradesh is also formed with Bhopal State, the ancient Bindya province and the Sironj subdivision of Kota district of Rajasthan.

The tourist center here is Khajuraho – the capital of the Chandela rulers sometimes 595 km away from Delhi. The ninth and twentieth centuries have great art forms. The temples of 85 temples are still in the temple.

Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years in Ujjain. The ancient Buddhist monastery is in Sanchi. Jabalpur is famous for marble stones. Gwalior has a beautiful fountain. Indore, the largest city in the state. Pachmarhi is a rock city. Mandu Historical City. A�Omarakantaka shon and the source of river A�Narmada. Kambha Park is near Jabalpur. It is famous for the preservation of wild animals.

The Places You Must Visit In Madhya Pradesh:


The nearest railway station of Khajuraho is Satna from Kolkata side. 991 km from Howrah.3003 upA� Mumbai mail Vaya A�Allahabad and from Monday to Wednesday up 1171 Shipra Express touched the Satna station. A�The distance between from Satna to Khajuraho is 117 km. Buses are departed from the morning atA� 6.30 am, 9.00 am, 10.30 am, from the afternoon at A�2.30 pm and from Jabalpur 3.30 pm. After spending a night in Satna, you can go for Khajuraho the next day.

The story of Chandela kings made Khajurahara temple A�the sculpture of magical signature. Originally built in most of the Khajuraho temples between 800-1050 AD. These are divided into three parts – West, East and South. Cities and Hotels are adjacent in the Western Temple.

Here, Khajuraho’s oldest 64 yoga temple, the Borah temple, the Lakshman temple, the temple of Chitragupta and Mahadev Temple of the largest Kandari. The temple of Lord Shiva and the Quadrilateral of Duladai in the southern group.Adinath, Parsnath, Ghontai, Jabari, Bamon, and Brahmma temples are already there. Most of the temples inside and outside are rich, vibrant art, the abundance of Gemini statue. In his glorious past, there have been many extinct monuments in the Eastern Group adjoining Muktangan museum. The enthusiasts can take out by the rented car toA� Rajgaur Palace (25 km), Pandab Pratap (30 km) and Panna Sanctuary (40 km). Boating at Khajuraho can be done at Shivsagar Lake in leisure time.


The only Shailabash of Madhya Pradesh in Satpura mountain range is Pachmarhi. The nearby station Pipariya. From Howrah 3003 upA� Mumbai MailA� Via Allahabad reached Pipariya (1361 km) by crossing the midnight. Take some rest at at the station’s waiting-room or nearby night and lodge and started journey for Pachmarhi by bus or taxi. The beautiful mountain road of the forest is 51 km. The nature of Pachmarhi at 1067 meters high and till todayA� is authentic. There are many ancient caves in the mouth of the hill, hidden in the forest. The most famous JatashankarA� cave.

Origin of the Jammu River from now on. Notable fountains of Panchmari are Rajat Prapat, B-Falls, Apsara Vihar, Little Falls etc. The decorated garden of Rajendra Giri on the slopes of the hill is very beautiful. Many view points later on the way. Mountains, forests and valleys are an insurmountable scene from Indira Priyadarshini Point. In the afternoon, on the way, the highest peak of Satpura reached by trekking or on the way to Dhupagarh. From here, there is an incredible view of sunset in deep canals.


Jabalpur, on the banks of the Narmada mine, is another sandwich in Madhya Pradesh. From Pachmarhi to Pipariya, take Jabalpur (178 km) train. 3004 Down Howrah Mail, 5213 Kurla – Muzaffarpur, 3418 Kurala – Bhagalpur Express and 1093 Metropolitan Express will be available at 12pm.

The main attraction of Jabalpur is on the two banks of Narmada, limestone mountains – Marble Rocks. The night after the burst, the form of bursting. Distance 23km Tempo going for the passengers. Destination Bheraghat From now on, boats have to see the beauty of Marble Rocks floating in the river. 64 Yogini temple of beautiful architecture on the top of a hill near Bherahghat. Hundreds of steps have to be stepped up. There are numerous deities in the temple. Madan Mahal Fort on the bank of Jabbalpur made by Gond kings . Another big attraction is the Fountain Falls. The whole Narmada river is terrific, its form is terrific. Jain temple will be seen on the way. There is not much to see in the city except the park and museums.

Under the brightly lit moon, a hundred ft tall mountains of marble exchange bureaucracy as the river Narmada passes thru it. This view is so scenic that it stays with you for long. But this is simply one of the many presents that Jabalpur gives.

Here you’ll experience the privilege to revel in surreal spectacles of nature romance man’s endeavours to carefully preserve the breath-taking imperial history. No marvel it has been a witness to a number of the greatest episodes written through history, folklore and mother nature.

Jabalpur is sure to amaze you, whichever path you turn to, paying homage to your trips to amusing-festivals as a baby.


Baj bahadur A�and Rupamati’s love town Mandu A�have come from the pages of history. 95 km road from Indore. Once King Jahangir was delighted to see the the castle city Mandu at the height of 200 feet above the Bindya hill. Now A�it is one of the memorial city. Paramar kings established the capital here. Most of the temples of the era are currently broken. The notes are divided into several categories. In The Central Group, you A�will see the tomb of Asrafi Mahal, Jama Masjid and Makhbara of Hosang Shah. The Royal Group has one of the best conglomerate ships Mahal, Hindole Mahal, Chamba Bauri, Makhbara, Water Mahal etc.

The Reoa A�Kund Group’s , ofcourse seenA� beautiful Pavilion and Baz Bahadur Prasad Going back and going to the other side of the ruined souvenir eyes. Bindhya mountain fumigation is due. To see the sunset ,ofcourse you want to see , be apper A�at the Sunset Point.


It exists since 11th century and known for its scenic beauty.It is surrounded by A�picturesque hills, lakes and forts and famous for hand-woven chanderi saris.Their creation adored around the world for their artistic creation.The elegance of this arts of silk and cotton fabric with zari weavering in a harmony on the towering forts and palaces.The town of chanderi will leave you spellbound , feeling like the royalty you used to play in your childhood.

6.Orchha :

The historic town of Orchaa , on the banks of river Betwa , was founded by the Bundela Rajput chief , Rudra pratap in the earlier 16th century . The local peoples namedA� the Betwa river Satdhara because ofA� the river splits into seven channels. This ancient town with many monumentsA� continuing to retain their original glaze this days. You will find some most fascinating temples and palaces that will definitely spellbound to you.

7.Sanchi Stupa :

The town of Sanchi in know as its Buddhist Stupas .This stupa is like hemispherical in structures containing relics of Buddha and his followers .The stupda was made by the order of Emperor Ashoka , to preserve the Bhuddhist philosophy.The beautiful and sacred architectural wonders of Sanchi , protecting the ancient history of Mauryan period.The focus of interests of here is the numerous stupas , monasteries, and an Ashokan Piller . Already UNESCO given the status of a�?World Heritage Sitea�� to the Mahastupa . A visit to Sanchi gives you the feeling which is you felt in your childhood when you heared about the tales of Ashoka.

For Know More About Sanchi Stupa Visit The History of Sanchi Stupa


One of Hinduisma��s seven sacred cities, Ujjain boasts a wealth of cultural heritage, in large part within the shape of temples.

Situated at the banks of the Shipra River, the metropolis dates lower back to 600 BC and became once the residence of Ashoka . It became additionally the political and industrial hub of central India and the capital of the historic Avanti Kingdom.

Ujjaina��s non secular allure is plain. The well-known poet, Kalidas, described it as a�?The metropolis fallen from Heaven to bring Heaven to Eartha��. The many temples provide you with glimpses of an excellent past.

This is one town on the way to take you returned for your youth records books.

9.BhopalA� :

Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque)

Split by two lakes , Bhopal itself a two cities within a city. The old city is towards the north with fascinating mosques , alleys, chowks , milling crowds , havelis and bazaars.

The new city of Bhopal is in South with two lakes.With wide roads and shopping complexes,hotels and restaurants,shamla hills , makes the look of the lakes compare with the old city os totally beyond.The central district is known has The New Market.

10.The Pench National Park :

Tigers,jackels,leopards,humans, all make the pench national park,the ionic a�?The jungle booka�� that brings humans close contact with wildlife.Mowglia��s adventure,based on Rudyard Kipling and his fight with the sher khanA� happen on this place.

Located in the Southern of the satpura range,it is divided by river pench into two parts.This national park shelters over 285 residence and migrating birds.

When you see the tigers and other animal and birds you will feel the thrill you used to have in your childhood when watching mowgli battle with sher khan .



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