Araku Valley

About Araku Valley:

Araku Valley is often desired through visitors from Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam. The visit destination for kinds of travelers, be it family, youngsters and couples, Araku Valley is, but, normally preferred by way of Couple, Organization. The nice season or months to visit places in Araku Valley are February, March, April, Can also, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

There are 10 vacationer locations in Araku Valley, which may be explored with the aid of guests. Nearby points of interest can be visited at any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, nighttime or night time, as appropriate for travelers. Sightseeing in Araku Valley may be achieved through travelers, so that you can take 1/2 a day or at some point, however to look all sightseeing locations, guests want to live in Araku Valley for two days to 3 days.

Araku Tribal Museum:

Araku Tribal Museum is a excellent region that represents all explored tribal cultures in all of the locations in and round Japanese Ghats. This is at a distance of 2 kilometers from the Bus Station at Araku. That is one of the fine and the most popular traveler stops in Araku.

Araku Tribal Museum

The museum is an area for developing cognizance about the way of life and culture of the human beings right here. This is not a historical vicinity but it offers adequate information about the tribal’s dwelling inside the region, their way of life, lifestyle and approaches of living.

Chaaparai Waterfalls:

[sociallocker]The waterfall is positioned at a distance of handiest fifty kilometers from Araku. The Chaaparai waterfalls are on the manner to an area referred to as Paderu is positioned in a superbly picturesque and scenic vicinity this is surrounded by using the forests.

It is positioned amongst other visitor places in Araku Valley. It is also known as the Dumriguda falls. Countless little streams crisscross the tremendous Araku Valley causing such dazzling cascades. Those areas across the waterfalls are outstanding areas for a lazy time out and for a casual picnicking.


Ananthagiri is at a distance of twenty six kilometers from Araku and It’s miles a stunning little hill station among Vizag and Araku. Vizag is eighty 5 kilometers from Ananthagiri. this is additionally one of the most crucial hill stations within the country of Andhra Pradesh. The place is well worth touring for a weekend getaway from Vishakhapatnam.

The place Ananthagiri stands at a peak of 1168 meters. The extensive plantations of espresso and a massive range of waterfalls make it a exquisite retreat from the hubbubs of metropolis existence. The deep valleys and scenic locations of grandeur make it a place worth journeying for travelers.

Tadimada Waterfalls:

The Tadimada Waterfalls are positioned at a distance of thirty kilometers from Araku. These also are called the Anantagiri falls because of the village Anantagiri being within the location. The water falls from a peak of approximately 100 toes.

Tadimada Waterfalls

The first-class view is throughout the monsoon. Vacationers might attain the waterfall vicinity all the manner hiking or on foot from Anantagiri. They are positioned pretty close to the principle street between Araku and Anantagiri. Although the street is difficult and bumpy, SUVs have to control to pressure well on such roads.

Borra Caves:

Borra Caves are positioned about ninety kms. North of Vishakapatnam inside the Ananthgiri Hill Tiers of Jap Ghats of India. It falls inside the country of Andhra Pradesh. William King, the British geologist found the collapse 1807.

Borra Caves

It is a evidently shaped cave believed to be 150 million years old. The Humic acid within the water reacts with the Calcium Carbonate within the limestone and dissolves the minerals breaking the rock step by step.


The immensely lovely Araku valley comes alive with the forests, gardens, waterfalls at the side of the tribal people around. There are a few beautiful viewpoints at the hills perched excessive up.

Except the hills and the amazing cascades are the espresso plantations at the Japanese Ghat routes and the location is covered with mango groves too with the waterfalls falling into the deep ravines.

There are some enormous mulberry gardens and silk farms within the area. The Araku valley is a tremendous location of retreat because of its serenity and peace. It’s also a great valley for trekking and gives numerous remarkable trails for trekking. These trails are via the dense forests of Araku and pretty adventurous to adopt in case you are seeking to discover the area very well.[/sociallocker]


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