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The Great Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar are famous for its historical monuments telling the story of British Indian Colonial and beautiful natural environment away from the shouting cities. The name Andaman is believed to name after the monkey god of Indian mythology “Hanuman”. The Andaman Islands altogether known as the great Andaman is covered with dense forest carrying awesome beauty in its lap.

Things to see in Andaman

The great Andaman holds nearly 300 Islands with an awesome environment created by the sea. This territory is home to more than 200 species including many endemic varieties. Here you can find a number of varieties of snakes especially the beautiful sea snakes, lizards and saltwater crocodiles. There are many more species on this Islands that are not yet added or documented and are watchable as these species are found on this Island only.Overall the great Andaman Islands are among the most geographically rich Islands. Tourists from all over the world, who are interested in wildlife tourism, come over here.

According to the surveys, it has been found that only a dozen of Andaman Islands support Human settlement environment and most of the areas of Andaman is covered with immigrants from South Asia and most of them speak Hindi and Bengali, some parts also cover Telugu and Malayalam.

The indigenous inhabitants of the Andaman are known as Andamanese and they live in small groups speaking dialects of Andamanese Language. The remoteness of the Andamanese and their hostility toward foreigners led to many cultural changes until the mid-20th century. Very few Andamanese are available today; most groups were destroyed by disease caused due to their encounter with Europeans, Indians, and other outsiders.

A small group of Great Andamanese on Strait Island, the Sentinelese of North Sentinel Island, the Jarawa of the interior areas of Middle and South Andaman survived unaffected due to their devotedness to own traditional life Great Andaman Islands are famous for their wooden products, processed foods, and garments.

These Islands are not much industrialized and are dependent on their personal skills of making decor able wooden products and beautiful garments only. But Andaman is moving fast in the field of tourism as Andaman and Nicobar Islands are among the top three tourist places in India.

Cellular jail of Port Blair

The Cellular jail of Port Blair, the capital city is amongst the most famous tourism center as remnants of The British Colonial Administration. The natural environment of the territory, including many parks, gardens, and sanctuaries, is attractive to ecotourists and trekkers. The most of the paved roads for transportation are in Port Blair and Digilipur that are in the south and North Andaman respectively. From Port Blair, we have Air Services to most of the southern and Eastern India’s mainland.

Covered by Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal Andaman buy zoloft, lioresal without prescription. is also famous as adventure tour place for Scuba diving, snorkeling and picnic can reach Andaman through Airways and waterways services available from the famous ports in India especially Kolkata in West Bengal and Chennai in Tamil Nadu. For freshness and peace, it can be a good option for tourism and be spending your holidays.



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